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King sukhothai invites you to escape the city and experience pure tranquility in our relaxing Thai style spa. We encourage you to try our signature treatment, an Authentic Thai Massage. Our goal is to provide you with the finest treatments at affordable prices.


2-23 CONOE Akihabara Mansei-bashi B1
Kanda Sudacho Chiyoda-ku,  Tokyo
Phone: 0332565601 English OK
Open hours: 10:00 to 0:00
2 min from “Akihabara” station via “Fureai” bridge
3 min from “Iwamoto cho”  (S08) station
4 min from “Kanda” (G13) station
7 min from “Awajicho” (M19) station
1 min from Mansei bashi (Mansei bridge)
Cross the street from Via Inn Akihabara (Hotel)

Waiting Room

Traditional Thai Massage Room

Traditional Thai Massage Room for Couple

Hot Stone Spa (Ganban Yoku)



Security : Press 1 0 0 then, Press right bottom ellipse button. Security door will open soon


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